Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RJ Beagle Pencil Portrait Update ~ Head

Beagle dog pencil portrait ~ Head
I continued to use the same method for the right ear, applying H and HB pencil in longer strokes and in the direction of hair growth. To define the ear folding over against the side of the head I used a shape B pencil in an upwards motion. I used a H pencil to add the hairs in the white area surrounding the nose and also to define the shape of the snout. To create the impression of hairs and whiskers I used a technique called negative drawing. This is where the shape e.g a whisker, is defined by shading in the areas around it.  For the first layer of the nose I used a H pencil and applied the lead in a random fashion, followed by a HB pencil in circular motion creating the impression of scales. Once I was happy with the size of the 'scales' and the overall shape of the nose I used a B pencil to define the nostrils, the outer edges and the groove up the centre. I continued to apply the HB pencil to create different shades and used a putty eraser to remove lead to indicate the highlights at the tip of the nose. Lastly I applied another layer of H, HB and B pencil over the entire head.

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