Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beagle Pencil Portrait Update

Beagle Dog Pencil Drawing ~ Outline and eyes
Using the grid method I scaled up the image to a 10"x12" size and sketched the outline using a H Derwent pencil. I always start with the subjects eyes, positioning the pupils and the reflecting light. At this stage I use only H, HB and B pencils.

Beagle Dog Pencil Portrait ~ Eyes and hair
To add the skin tone a round the eyes I use a HB pencil and apply it in a circular motion. I then move on to the surrounding hair. I use a H and HB pencil and lightly apply short strokes in the direction of the hair growth and darken the outline. To create a darker hair tone I position the strokes closer together.

Beagle Dog Pencil Portrait ~ Head and ears
To create the almost black hair at the top of the head and down the center of the snout I use a sharp B pencil. I also apply another layer to the outline of the eyes and a round the reflecting light. I start on the left ear by applying longer strokes with a H pencil in the direction of hair growth. I then add a layer of HB pencil and softly apply a B pencil a round the bottom and right edge. I use a camel brush to soften the strokes and remove small hairs with a putty eraser. I remove larger sections to create the impression of a shiny coat. I repeat these steps until I am happy with the overall appearance of the ear. Now for the right ear .......

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