Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Golden Retriever Color Pencil Portrait in Progress

Golden Retriever Portrait with 2-3 layers of color pencil
It has taken roughly 12 hours to get to the stage where most of the portrait has at least 2-3 layers of color pencils applied over it. I have given the eyes and nose more attention because once I have these areas correctly proportioned and shaded (on any portrait) I find myself eager to carry on drawing. From here I expect to spend at least another 10 hours working on defining the hair before I add even more detail to the eyes and nose. 

Golden Retriever Pencil Portrait with one blended layer of color pencils

I found a beautiful photograph of a dopey looking golden retriever in the reference image library on the Wet Canvas website (I believe the photograph was taken by the User called Sheevuh), and I thought it would be perfect for my next color pencil portrait. Six hours after starting and this is how my Golden Retriever pencil painting looked with just one layer of color pencil. Once the entire portrait area (9.5 x 7.5 inches) had a layer of color pencil I then blended the colors using a Prismacolor white pencil. Using a white pencil to blend washes out nearly all the color and seems like a waste of time, but actually this process makes layering pencils easier from this point on due to an even layer of wax over the paper.